Our Grief is Real

Do you feel alone? Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Have you been searching the internet aimlessly not finding the answers your looking for?  Exploring grief is not a journey of one.

Let's take this journey together

Caregiver's Corner

Being a caregiver is hard! There are days you are completely at your wits end, there are days you are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. There are days you have no answers and nowhere to turn.  I've been there. We have been there.

You are not alone, let us help

Business Side of Grief

Your world is crashing down around you. There are so many tiny little details, decisions to make, your head and heart are already pounding you don't know what to even tackle first.

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Exploring Grief...

Do you feel that your life has been a perpetual state of grief? I myself have spent countless hours surfing through grief, caregiver, and cancer websites not finding any assistance for those of us trapped in it daily.  All I have found is bad advice, lack of understanding, and text book cliché’s that can’t possibly relate to the real world.

This forum was created to express our feelings, our emotions, and our pain.  On this journey, I sincerely hope we will find a way to help guide each other through our tumultuous days of grief and share the lessons we have learned along the way.

Contrary to many articles I have read that continue to encourage talking to your friends and family and your support system, I have found that my world is extinct of these mystical supporters and I am left all alone.

But I know you are out there and I know you are also feeling alone.

I have spent the better part of fifteen years living a Trifecta of Caregiving. And now it is all over.  The downfall of being emotionally resilient is that everyone else looks to you for all the answers.  Everyone assumes you’re strong, you are doing well, and the day after the funeral you’ve simply moved on.  So where do you turn and who do you lean on when everyone is leaning on you?

Throughout this journey, I have had to learn everything the hard way and I know you have too. You’ve come here because you’re looking for something.  I hope somewhere through my fifteen years, I can ease your pain, your anxiety, or just be the one person you hope will simply just listen

Exploring grief is not written by medical professionals nor should it be a substitute for true medical and mental health if you feel you need it. I am merely one woman in pain who is back from a journey and I hope through my experiences you do find some of the answers you are looking for.

Please share yours


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